Pamela Boddy


Pamela Boddy is a resource maker and craftswoman who creates dialogues with the materials she collects and processes; resourcefully, sustainably and self sufficiently where she lives and works on the edge of the Brechfa forest in West Wales. That narrative limits the resources to what is grown, found or recycled within the land. Crops and livestock are kept as part of this life style to maintain the gentle balance of the ecosystem, on low stocking and organic principles. The creation of hand spun fibres and hand woven cloth, that has been intuitively and interactively coloured by nature, reacting to naturally occurring chemicals, the environment and the naturally found diversity of pigments within the resources and plants used creates the basis of the work. That continual dialogue with the land is paramount. The work is greatly influenced by the scientific interest in the processes: biological, chemical and physical. Just recently finishing a Master in Contemporary Crafts at Hereford College of Arts in May 2022 where a study was undertaken on The Textile Farm: Enabling her to explore the identities, both personal and of the land itself, both hidden and exposed, generating a record of the dialogues that take place and the narratives that develop. With this a personal connection to the DNA process, exploring ‘connections’ in a social. historical and contemporary context. The critical reflective report can be read here.

A desire with nature to nurture, protect and nourish those connections. Creating indigenous knowledge that can be mutually beneficial to both those that visit and the land itself.

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