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A question to ponder today… red catkins or black catkins will there be a difference?

With my new ‘toy’ settled firmly into one of my favourite things to do I have assimilated my new microscope as a tool for the task I have set myself through out the MA >to document down to the cellular, molecular level the activity at a given time within the smallholding engaging in a dialogue with the land the soil and nature itself from the art work through to products. The task over the next few days is to get into a rhythm, a pattern of journalling that works for me … to be slightly more methodical, scientific in my approach.

Walking down to let the chickens out seems a perfect opportunity to observe, collect and return with resources for further documenting. Salix graciliastyla melanostachys, being its latin name, whilst absolutely hopeless at languages I love the latin names! The common name – black pussy willow. This time of year it comes into its own with so so much interest moment by moment. Beautiful red/green stems, then these little beauties, carrying practically all of its treasures on that stem! What a gift to see.

Noticing the few red catkins in amongst the exquisite black ones, peppered with yellow, black and white I began to think of the excitement of getting back to my microscope. Answer the question…. now experience tells me the answer is yes, but I suppose the real question is more like how will it be different under the microscope.