And breathe….

with the Masters degree and exhibition over, overwhelmed may describe one of the feelings. Grateful for the interactions, conversations that the work facilitated.

What now? Keen to keep the momentum going, the work continues as does the land management. Nettles and bramble, are vivacious, avid encroaches of other species. Whilst their importance in the ecosystem can not be underestimated, so not to be eliminated, the task is to work with them and use them as crop to be harvested for creative resources. Paints, Inks, Prints and fibre from nettles this weekend…

It doesn’t have to be an energetic physical affair. Just plucking a few nettle stems at a time and processing. Each process leads to the next. Stripping the stems of leaves, they get added to water in a small saucepan, putting each addition in the pot as the stem is stripped. Whilst that pot simmers, the fibres get made ( videos, online tutorials to come!) Labelled and drying… the dye gets strained and reduced for ink…and pigments.

One of the ways to release fibre from the core of the nettle.

The difference between the dye and ink, reduction, reduction, reduction – gently.

Nettle Ink… for sale in shop
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