The beginning of the Textile Farm’s Travelling Creative Apothecary.

As the Masters degree research comes to a close, it feels like the beginning of an exciting journey, an essence of place has been captured in dyes, pigments and fibres from the land, here at The Textile Farm. Compact and transportable, the ability to examine other environments whilst always staying connected to this special place. It was extremely important during this research to keep it simple. To reduce the fast paced ’clutter’ of modern life. Using hands as a primary tool enabled an engagement with the materials that by searching on ’how to’ tutorials you dont get. I think there is a stage we completely skip: That of communication and learning from that dialogue with materials. The tools become over complicated, the process maybe confusing or drawn out possibly for commercial gain. We lose the essence of being creative, really being creatively resourceful, just as our ancestors had to be. It may even put us off from even trying to have a go. Everything has necessity to be done quickly and that opportunity for narrative is lost. The conversation with the environment could alter our perspective if only we engaged in that dialogue. A quick way is not always the best way, it could be a missed opportunity.

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